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SNT 116E - The Art of Communication

Course Objectives

This course aims,
1. to teach the students how to make presentations and to manage them,
2. to make them learn different disciplines (Photography, Advertisement, Media, PR),
3. to develop their multiple and versatile thinking and management skills, activate the creative
intelligence as well as numerical intelligence.
4. to develop their skills on interpersonal relations.

Course Description

Students’ establishment on personal and institutional communication skills, hands-on learning about the management of the required media (Advertisement, Public Relations-PR, Design, Presentation etc.) of communication. Hands-on learning about communication and creative
thinking by workshops. Give general information and brief perspective on marketing industry
(Advertisement, Agencies, Media Companies, Publishers, Production, PR, Media Design. etc.).

Course Coordinator
Rabia Zeynep İşler
Rabia Zeynep İşler
Course Language
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