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SNT 108 - Ceramic

Course Objectives

The aim of the course
To date, the ceramic has been practically applied (the process of transforming the clay into a finished ceramic product) by triggering the creative power of the students by hand skills, and the history of the formation of ceramics, especially in the territory of our country, has passed through today It also includes subjects such as the definition of ceramics artistic and technological.
In accordance with the conditions of the day, it is aimed to inform students on local and foreign samples only through texts and images.

Course Description

1. To get acquainted with the ceramics raw material
2. To perceive the applying process of a design or art product
3. To perceive the emanation of plan and programming during this process
4. To have some knowledge about general and historical ceramics within in our own
and out geography.
5. Perception of work phenomenon to show respect them.
6. Maybe participates didn’t know about their own skill ! They will discover their own
creativity. By the way their approach will change against the art.

Course Coordinator
Güngör Güner
Güngör Güner
Course Language
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