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YSB 690E - Palynology

Course Objectives

1. To teach students the history of palynology and the changes in developments of palynology,
2. To teach pollen development, identification of pollen morphology and structural features,
3. To show the methods used in palynology and how to apply pollen analysis in quaternary palynology

Course Description

This course focuses on fossil pollen and spores and other palynomorphs, to evaluate past vegetation and climate
changes. Analysis of organic walled ‘palinomorphs‘ (spores and pollen grains) is very important in the disciplines
of biostratigraphy, geochronology and paleoecology. Pollen grains are one of the most effective tools to
reconstruct past vegetation. Pollen grains of different species can be well preserved in sediments due to its outer
wall exine, which is resistant to all kinds of acid and erosion conditions. Therefore, it is an important proxy and
widely used in the determination of climate and vegetation changes.

Course Coordinator
Demet Biltekin
Course Language
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