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UCK 448 - Avionic Sistems

Course Objectives

To gain an ability to use avionic systems in aviation.

Course Description

Classification of avionic systems, General information about geotechnical,
radio technical, and astronautical navigation devices and systems, Collision
Warning System, Doppler radar based navigation systems, Inertial
navigation systems (INS), Gimbaled INS, Strapdown INS, Terrestrial Radio
Navigation Systems, The basics and configuration of satellite
radionavigation systems, GPS-global positioning systems, GPS accuracy
and its improvement methods, Differential GPS, External navigational source
aided INS, GPS aided Inertial navigation system, Configuration and
elements of flight control system, Principles and usage of Auto-pilot,
Longitudinal and lateral control systems.

Course Coordinator
Sait Nurdoğan Yurt
Course Language
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