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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Introduction, brief description of the course, map and cartography, definition and concepts, brief history of cartography, cartographic services and application in Turkey
2 Thematic cartography, cartographic projections, coordinate systems, geographic positioning
3 Geodesy, photogrammetry, remote sensing, satellite data aquisition, positioning systems
4 Concept of information, information era, information technologies and geographic information science
5 Spatial and non-spatial information systems, geographic information systems (GIS)
6 Designing and establishing a GIS, GIS functions, GIS components
7 Midterm Exam-1
8 Data models, data quality, data production methods, data management and data bases in GIS
9 Presentation, visualisation, analysis and query of data in GIS,
10 GIS software, hardware, organisations and standards
11 Examples of GIS applications
12 Midterm Exam-2
13 Presentation of term projects and in-class discussions (Seminar-I)
14 Presentation of term projects and in-class discussions (Seminar-II)
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