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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 1 The Sun, Solar Atmosphere, Solar Radiation, Solar Activity
2 The Neutral Atmosphere: Structure and classification (composition, temperature, density and pressure variations) and Comparisons-Lower Atmosphere & Upper Atmospheric Concepts
3 Radiative Balance, Scale Height Concepts
4 Stratosphere, Ozone Problem, Stratospheric Phenomena: QBO, S.Warmings. Polar Stratospheric Clouds
5 Mesosphere and Thermosphere: Mesospheric CO2 and CH4. Global cooling in the upper atmosphere.
6 Thermosphere: Gravity and Planetary Waves as coupling mechanism with lower atmosphere), Oxygen Absorption of EUV, Photodissociation, Heat sources and sinks, Upper Atmospheric Circulation (neutral winds), Solar Tides.
7 Midterm
8 Observational methods of upper atmosphere. Upper Atmospheric Models
9 Ionosphere and Ionospheric Variability: Ionospheric formation and structure, Ionization sources, Chapman Layers, Variations in electron density
10 Role of Ionosphere on Radio Wave Propagation, Determination of TEC using GPS systems; Effects of Tropospheric Ducting on radio wave propagation
11 Magnetosphere: Formation and Structure, magnetopause, and Aurorae
12 Magnetospheric Storms, Substorms, Current systems, Energy storage to upper atmosphere
13 Coupling between the solar-magnetosphere-ionosphere and neutral atmosphere: Magnetic reconnection, Relation to Solar wind and Solar energy
14 Solar effects on Climate; Cosmic Ray effects on Cloudiness and Climate; Space weather concepts and effects on weather and climate
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