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MTO 323 - Atmospheric Chemistry

Course Objectives

1.. Understand the chemical transformation and reactions in the atmosphere.
2. To learn the concepts and principles of air pollution,
3. Understand the importance of air pollution and establish a scientific basis

Course Description

Physical and Chemical structure of the atmosphere. Pollutants on the atmosphere, Carbon oxides Sulphur oxides Nitrogen oxides and cycle, Reactions of hydrocarbon an the urban atmosphere. Hydrocarbon-oxides Processes on air pollution. Free-radical reactions, Photochemical Smog. Sources and sinks of particulate matter Mechanical properties of aerosols Particle size distribution Aerosol measurement Optics of aerosols, constants. Rayleigh scattering, Mie scattering, size distribution Anthropogenic effects, radioactive characteristic of polluted clouds, tropospheric aerosols

Course Coordinator
Orhan Şen
Course Language
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