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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mukavemet I
English Strength of Materials
Course Code
MUK 203 Credit Lecture
Semester 3
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Zahit Mecitoğlu
Course Objectives 1.Yapısal analizin teorik temelini detaylı ve tam olarak kapsamak.
2. Malzeme özellikleri ile yapısal mukavemet kavramları arasındaki ilişkiyi öğretmek.
3. Öğrencilere yapısal tasarım için gerekli temel bilgileri öğretmek ve temel becerileri sağlamak.
Course Description Introduction; Concept of modeling and basic principals. Stress. Strain. Mechanical properties of materials. Axial load. Torsion. Bending.
Course Outcomes Students who successfully pass the course acquire fundamental knowledge and skills required for structural design in engineering.
I. Modelling of structural members
II. External and internal forces and moments
III. Stresses due to axial force and simple shear
IV. Design of simple connections
V. Strain. Mechanical properties of materials
VI. Deformation of members under axial force
VII. Torsional stress and deformation
VIII. Pure bending, unsymmetrical bending
IX. Hyperstatic members
X. Stress concentration
Pre-requisite(s) STA 201, STA 202, STA 204, STA 201 E
Required Facilities
Textbook R.C. Hibbeler; Mechanics of Materials
Other References Mustafa İnan; Cisimlerin Mukavemeti.
Mehmet Bakioğlu; Cisimlerin Mukavemeti.
Mehmet Omurtag; Cisimlerin Mukavemeti.
E.P.Popov, Çev. H. Demiray; Mukavemet, Katı Cisimlerin Mekaniğine Giriş
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