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EUT 324E - Semiology & Semantics in Design

Course Objectives

1.Understanding the designer-product-user relation form design semiotics perspective.
2.Understanding the designer-product-user relation form design semantics perspective.

Course Description

Importance and dimensions of semiotic analysis in industrial products, Mind in product semantics and conceptual compulsions, Knowledge and image of products, Functional and semantic features of Human- object-society system, Product semantics profile, Product, user culture, firm; concepts, images and identities, Multi-connected products and characteristics of varification, Readability of objects, Semantical analysis of elements in form, Description forms in design process, Design attitudes according to product semantics, Design movements and trends, Semantic description of styles in design, Questioning the semiotic characteristics of design.

Course Coordinator
Özge Çelikoğlu
Course Language
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