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MIM 271E - Theory of Structures

Course Objectives

1.Develop understanding of basic concepts in structural analysis such as
equilibrium, stability, static determinacy and indeterminacy.
2.Develop understanding of system behaviour by analyzing internal forces
3.Introduce the basic principles of mechanics regarding work and energy, and their uses in structural engineering.
4.Introduce methods used in the analysis of structures within the frameworks of force and displacement formulations

Course Description

General information and basic concepts. Solution of statically determinate structures under static loads and internal force diagrams. Simply supported beams and frames. Cantilever beams and frames. Continuous compound beams. Three-pinned arches and frames. Trusses. Concept of statically indeterminacy. Flexibility (Force)method. Moment distirubution(Cross)method.

Course Coordinator
Gülseren Erol Soyöz
Course Language
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