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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Proje 1
English Project I
Course Code
TES 111E Credit Lecture
Semester -
5 2 6 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Hasan Serdar Kaya
Course Objectives 1. to acquire the habit of individual study.
2. to acquire the ability of perception and interpretation of space, and explanation of thoughts on space by using different representation techniques in various scales such as urban/landscape/building/interior space and object-product.
3. to acquire the ability of critical thinking and appraisal of profession-related entities and the environment, acquaintance with profession-related elements of space and environment.
4. to question human activities and their ways of functioning.
5. to gain the expertise in using the fundamental terminology of profession.
Course Description Applying various presentation techniques through simple design problems; developing a spatial understanding related to urban/landscape/building/interior space/product-related problems; understanding, interpreting and representing those entities; using 2D - 3D drawings and modelling on a given design problem; use of computer techniques through design work; aptitude in explication of ideas through a personalized visual language; enhancement of intuition relevant to issues of design such as building construction and structural systems through simple design problems; discussion on the relationship of urban/landscape/building/interior space/product-related materials with the environment through small scaled design exercises; understanding, interpreting and evaluating natural, historical and cultural environments.
Course Outcomes Students, who passed the course satisfactorily increase their:
1. Design skills.
2. Critical thinking skills.
3. Research and analytical problem solving skills on a given planning/design problem.
4. Graphical representation and form generating skills learned in visual communication courses.
5. Team-work skills.
6. Use of precedents.
Pre-requisite(s) -
Required Facilities
Other References
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