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SBP 112E - Visual Communication I: Visualization and Technical Drawing

Course Objectives

1. Expression of design ideas in 2D platform 2. Learning advanced drawing and expression techniques 3. Preparing posters and presentation outputs 4. Using 2D and 3D rendering tools/software 5. To give an ability to write and read technical drawings, 6. To provide the applications of dimensioning, markers and symbols on the technical drawings, 7. To give an ability to draw structural and contextual elements related to discipline.

Course Description

Basic elements of design: Line, form, color, texture, shade; basic and complex geometries, topography; object/product geometry; relationship of human-environment-object; isometric and artistic perspective, visualization, basic graphical elements; composition, collage. Technical Drawing Media, Tools and Equipment; Meanings of Line Types, Lettering, Fundamentals of Dimensioning, Principles of Projection, Parallel, Perpendicular and Oblique Projection Techniques, Sections Elevations, Markers and Symbols, Drawings of Structural Elements, Scale in Technical Drawing

Course Coordinator
Hasan Serdar Kaya
Course Language
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