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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İç Mimarlığa Giriş ve Etik
English Int.to Interior Archit.&Ethics
Course Code
ICM 119E Credit Lecture
Semester -
2 2 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Sonya Grace Turkman
Sonya Grace Turkman
Course Objectives Course aims;
1. Preparing the students for the interior architectural design studio and its process
2. Defining interior environment, interior architect’s identity and scope of interior architecture, discussing relations of interior architecture with architecture and the other disciplines
3. Examining concepts of function, form and technology in sense of space and user interrelation
4. Introducing and defining the interior architectural design process and methodologies
5. Providing students to gain experience by means of site visits, tutorials, seminars and presentations
Course Description Main definitions related with interior architecture; scope of interior architecture, its practice fields and relations with the other disciplines; interior architect’s identity; professional ethics; interior environment and interior space; properties of interior space, spatial effects, relations, transitions, interrelation between interior-exterior space; relation of space and user with function, form and technology; finishings, furnitures, equipments in application of interior space; design process phases and design methodologies in interior space
Course Outcomes Students who successfully pass this course gain the following knowledge, skills and competencies;
I. Knowledge about interior environment, missions and responsibilities of an interior architect, scope of interior architecture,
II. Knowledge about and ability of collaboration with the other disciplines in application of interior architecture,
III. Knowledge about fields, problems and concepts of interior space design,
IV. Knowledge about process and methodologies of interior space design,
V. Knowledge about the components of interior space and space-user interrelation,
VI. Knowledge about and ability of evaluation of interior environment in the framework of function, form and technology,
VII. Skill on associating the gained knowledge with the design process by means of site visits, tutorials and presentations
VIII. Knowledge about general and field specific ethics
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