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SBP 443 - Valuation of Real Estate

Course Objectives

1. Informing about determination of real estate’ s valuation at project applications actualized based on planning, starting with planning studies about real estates.
2. Teaching legal provisions and foundations for preventing damage.
3. Explaining the problems encountered at valuation of real estate and advancing the solution offers.

Course Description

Concept of real estate, property and valuation. Importance of the real estates assessment and relation with other property applications, overview of Turkish land taxation system, real estate valuation criteria, The methods of real estates assessment; methods of compare, income, cost and combined methods for real estates assessment, nominal valuation method, comparison of the real estate valuation methods, production of maps for value and tax purposes, using geographical information systems in valuation process, applications of the real estate assessment in Turkey,

Course Coordinator
Tahsin Yomralıoğlu
Course Language
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