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SBP 342E - Urban Renewal

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to provide students with an opportunity to examine and learn from different perspectives on the reproduction of urban space through the investigation of the spatial, environmental, economic, administrative and social facets of urban renewal, regeneration, and redevelopment, to foster the ability to understand and critically analyze urban decay and obsolescence, to broaden students’ understanding of the purpose and scope of different aspects of urban renewal and redevelopment, and to aid in the development of a strategic approach to sustainable urban development and regeneration. Special emphasis will be placed on structural and social facets, i.e. the ins and outs of renewal/regeneration/redevelopment decisions and their impacts on the local community.

Course Description

Urban renewal, definitions, concepts. Urban development and its results.
Urban development strategy, urban growth, location decisions and functional changes. Urban decay and location of urban decay areas. Urban renewal types and areas. Economical aspects of urban renewal. Social aspects of urban renewal. Legal and administrative aspects of urban renewal. Application problems in urban renewal. Urban renewal in developed and developing countries.

Course Coordinator
İmge Akçakaya Waıte Jr
Course Language
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