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EUT 320E - Industrial Design Studio III

Course Objectives

1. It is aimed to support students to create innovative and critical concepts and to express them verbally and visually.
2. It is aimed to process design projects carefully including advanced subjects as enviorenment, ecology and sustainability.
3. It is aimed to process design projects within a design team in communication with different disciplines.
4. It is aimed to process design projects informing students about developing detailed scenarios of use and creating a product family.

Course Description

Creating innovative and critical concepts; Verbal, written and visual expression of these concepts; The issues of cultural identity; The environmental and ecological factors; The social responsibility; Teamwork; Communication with different disciplines; Cost analysis and produce ability; Ability to create product family; Developing a product sales scenario; Considering the factors as marketing and packaging; Ability to develop scenarios for use

Course Coordinator
Özge Çelikoğlu
Özge Çelikoğlu
Course Language
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