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MIM 305E - Statistics

Course Objectives

Objective is equipping students of architecture with the basic knowledge of statistics, so that they can benefit from the methodology in their own studies, and comprehend studies available in the literature that involve statistical considerations. A successful course participant will be able to establish descriptions of data as well as to draw conclusions from data with awareness of the underlying methodological premises and associated representational limitations.

Course Description

This is an introductory course to statistics. The probability theoretic concepts underlying statistical treatment are explained, including event, random variable, probability density, probability, and probability distribution. The principle of statistical inference and the associated concepts of hypotheses testing and confidence intervals are described. They are exemplified via T-test, Chi-squared non-parametric test of independence, as well as linear regression. Premises underlying statistics are highlighted, so that the role of the methodology in studies of architecture is clarified.

Course Coordinator
Mıchael Stefan Bıttermann
Course Language
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