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SBP 261E - Fiziksel Çevre Kontrolü

Course Objectives

climatology (urban-micro, regional-macro), passive-active air-conditioning, natural-artificial lighting, acoustics, which are considered in environmental science, due to the problems mentioned above in physical planning also plays an active role.
3. In the Department of City and Regional Planning, in the above-mentioned subject areas, first of all, students should be provided with theoretical knowledge and skills to be transferred during the design process.

Course Description

Climatic comfort and climatic factors affecting it, obtaining and interpretation of climatic data, making environment variables effective in climate control in macro environment, location selection, determination of geometric variables related to open spaces and buildings in settlement texture. Sound pollution, its effects on human and public health, noise level criteria and limits for various land uses, noise control systems and techniques in urban planning and settlement unit design and legal measures. Visual comfort, natural lighting, determination of building intervals, construction, lighting, artificial light sources, road parks and gardens lighting. Fire incident, suitable building intervals in terms of fire control, fire equipment on urban scale. Location selection application in terms of climate and noise control, location selection application in terms of climate, noise, light and fire control, application of determination of building layout in terms of climate, noise, light and fire control.

Course Coordinator
Nuri Serteser
Course Language
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