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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mimarlık. Yapı Elemanları Tas.
English Arch.Building Element Design
Course Code
MIM 204 Credit Lecture
Semester -
4 3 2 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ayşe Nil Türkeri
Course Objectives Given in CD form
Course Description Analysis, design and integration of building elements with pre-defined design criteria and constraints: external wall systems, window and door systems, floor systems, vertical circulation systems, roof systems, partition systems. Integration of building materials and assemblies in building element design. Interaction of building design with the building element design process in the context of external envelope, intermediate floor, stair and partition systems. Integration of building element systems with each other and the structural system. Making technical drawings and preparing models of designed building elements and assemblies. Lectures and studio work.
Course Outcomes Given in CD form
Pre-requisite(s) MIM 203 MIN DD
veya/or MIM 203E MIN DD
veya/or MIM 261 MIN DD
veya/or MIM 261E MIN DD
veya/or MIM 231 MIN DD
veya/or MIM 231E MIN DD
veya/or MIM 263 MIN DD
veya/or MIM 263E MIN DD
veya/or ICM 231 MIN DD
veya/or ICM 231E MIN DD
Required Facilities
Other References
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