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MIM 352 - Structural System Design

Course Objectives

1- To introduce the basic structural design principles necessary for an architectural design project.
2- To give detailed knowledge about reinforced concrete, steel, lightweight steel, masonry, and timber structures and their design principles.
3- To introduce membrane structures and space frame systems and their design principles.
4- To introduce shallow and deep foundations and discuss the effect of foundation type on the architectural design process.
5- To introduce earthquake resistant structural system design principles.

Course Description

Structural system design objectives and classification of structural systems are introduced. Detailed discussion of conventional, modern and industrial structures, reinforced concrete structures, prefabricated concrete structures, steel structures, lightweight steel structures, conventional and modern masonry structures, conventional and modern timber structures, space truss systems, suspension, tensioned and inflated structural systems and membrane structures are given. Shallow and deep foundations are introduced. Earthquake resistant structural system design principles and earthquake damages are introduced.

Course Coordinator
Necdet Torunbalcı
Course Language
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