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GSB 363 - Ceramic Applications in Architecture

Course Objectives

This course aims,
1. to provide artistic and esthetic sensibility by designing three-dimensional forms,
2. to examin the essence-form-function concepts by utilizing ceramic forming methods,
3. to explore and develop interest and ability in art,
4. to make practices by using ceramic techniques,
5. to develop capability of formatting and editing.

Course Description

Physical and chemical characteristics of clay as a plastic material; methods of shaping clay;
visual communications; conceptualization and visualization to examine the 3-D compositions in
terms of those concepts; balance of the contrasts/opposites (solids and cavities, light and dark),
the textual effects, proportional order; the rhythm of the visual form; the Gestalt theory of
expression; transformation techniques; the works of metamorphosis.

Course Coordinator
Aynur Karakaş Karaağaç
Course Language
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