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MIM 252 - Architectural Design Theory

Course Objectives

1. By enhancing their awareness in architecture and all related fields, the course enables learners to use their knowledge creatively in their own area of profession
2. Support learners to develop their skills for locating themselves, define targets and determine routes within the space enclosing architecture.
3. Help learners to relate the knowledge of their own areas with other areas and then provide evaluation of these findings in a holistic way
Providing background for creative applications in their own area of expertise

Course Description

Examination of all the dimensions of architecture, through essential “concepts”, “questions”, “problems”, “texts”, “works”, “individuals” in unity, The interdisciplinary nature of architecture, the relations of architecture with “nature – culture”, “art – science”. All these studies will be realized considering the inseparable relation of theory & practice.

Course Coordinator
Emine Görgül
Course Language
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