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PEM 316E - Urban Land. Pln& Design

Course Objectives

1. Discuss the concepts of open spaces and green spaces
2. Evaluate and analyze open spaces and green spaces with the concept of system in urban
3.Gain insight to analyze natural resources in urban landscape planning and design
4. Evaluate the green space norms and their types in urban pattern
5. Having a working knowledge of evaluating urban landscape planning techniques and
organize the planning process
6. Become proficient at designing for all scales of urban landscape design

Course Description

Concepts of open and green spaces; analysis of open spaces in the urban texture; functions of open spaces; green space system existing in the urban texture; types of urban green spaces including local, neighbourhood, district, urban and metropolitan green spaces and their planning and design techniques; norms of green spaces and their types..

Course Coordinator
Gülşen Aytaç
Course Language
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