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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İç Mimarlıkta Rölöve ve Anlatım Teknikleri
English Surv and Repr.Tch. in Intr.Arch.
Course Code
ICM 206E Credit Lecture
Semester 4
- 3 1 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Bahadır Numan
Sonya Grace Turkman
Course Objectives -
Course Description Comprehension/visualization of space/object in cartesian geometry; visual analysis of form, volume, space; mapping in perspective; freehand drawing techniques; sketcking; 2d narration concerning design: technical language, notation; expression of material; texture/volume; graphic communication, navigation, and concepts on forming presentaion content; presentation/application of conventional, electronic and optical techniques related to the measurement of building interiors and elements; restoration processes concerning interior architecture.
Course Outcomes -
Pre-requisite(s) none
Required Facilities domestic Covid-19 quarantine space, computer, internet, ninova, zoom application, autodesk autodan educational version.
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Other References -
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