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MIM 234 - Reinforced Concrete Structures

Course Objectives

Introduction of reinforced concrete as a structural material.
Develop understanding of design of reinforced concrete structures.
Introduce the principles of ultimate strength theory and develop knowledge and ability to use of related building codes.
Ability to calculate reinforced concrete structural elements according to ultimate strength theory.
Ability to design suitable load bearing reinforced concrete elements for considered structures.

Course Description

Building codes, ultimate design method, bending design of beams, doubly reinforced sections, T sections, columns, shear design of beams, sizing beams and reinforcement, flat slabs.

Stages of design, load cases, structural configuration, RC slab systems, joints, tall buildings, lateral load behavior, RC roofs, precast structures, bare frames, continuous frames, cantilevers, arch’s, shell structures, folded plates, principles of Turkish Seismic Code.

Course Coordinator
Necdet Torunbalcı
Sinem Güntepe
Course Language
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