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SBP 126E - GIS and Planning

Course Objectives

1 - To provide fundamental understanding of GIS technology and applications,
2 - To address issues associated with the planning application of GIS
3 - To provide skills for GIS softwares.

Course Description

This undergraduate course provides an in-depth introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and its applications in the field of planning. Students will explore the fundamental concepts, components, and tasks involved in GIS, gaining a solid understanding of its role as a powerful tool for spatial analysis and decision-making. Emphasis will be placed on the use of maps as a language for spatial thinking and the utilization of GIS data structures, systems, and related technologies. Through hands-on exercises and projects, students will develop practical skills in data input, storage, editing, query, analysis, and presentation within GIS frameworks.

Course Coordinator
Fatih Terzi
Course Language
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