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MIM 355E - Architecture and Interdisciplinary Studies

Course Objectives

Discussing architecture and other disciplines (literature, photography, cinema, ... etc.) in terms of their interdisciplinar relationships. To develop awareness in understanding and interpreting architecture.
Discussing and conceptualizing architecture in terms of body, representation and daily life themes.
To help students achieve individual viewpoints through their weekly studies.

Course Description

The course aims to discuss architecture as an interdisciplinary tool, to discuss some issues that are at the intersections of disciplines such as 'Architecture and Literature', 'Architecture and Photography' 'Architecture and History', 'Architecture and Archeology', 'Architecture and Theater', 'Architecture and Cinema', 'Architecture and Sound', 'Architecture and Performance Art' ... etc. During the semester, readings will be given on the predetermined themes; guest speakers, lecturers - architects and academicians- studying, practicing and thinking on these themes will join the class; discussion sessions will be held after each lecture, and short assignments on the themes will be requested each week. Students will be expected to expand a chosen theme into a term research paper.

Course Coordinator
Burçin Güngen
Burçin Güngen
Course Language
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