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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Şehir ve Çevre Mühendisliği
English Urban and Regional Planning
Course Code
SBP 251 Credit Lecture
Semester 3
3 3 - -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Ali Fuat Aydın
Course Objectives 1. An ability to understand fundamental concepts of environmental science and engineering and use of this fundamental functions in urban and regional planning.
2. Planning of the necessary infrastructure systems for sanitation, to enable the necessary informations for its design.
3. Self improve in order to contribute to protection of the nature, the development and welfare of the society.
4. Carry professional and ethical responsibility
Course Description Reasons and dimension of environmental problems. Their relations with planning. Sustainable development. Fundamentals of Water Pollution. Pollutants, lake/river pollution. Water/wastewater treatment. Water Quality Control, parameters and standards. Air pollution, pollutants. Air pollution control. Solid wastes, classification, management. Soil pollution. Radioactivity. Noise pollution. Environmental Impact Assessment.
Course Outcomes Students who pass the course will be able to:
I.Have information about basic principles of Environmental Science and Engineering, comprehend reasons and dimensions of environmental problems and their relations with planning.
II.Define, allocate and design of systems for urban settlements, service areas standards and technical infrastructure requirements.
III.An ability to analyze water supply and wastewater disposal systems with an integrated approach within the framework of planning
IV. Have information about basic principles of water and wastewater treatment systems.
V. Have general informations about solid and hazardous wastes, air, noise, soil pollution and radioactivity.
VI.Have general informations about sustainability, environmental protection, optimum use of resources and environmental impact assessment.
Required Facilities
Textbook 1. Vesilind, P.A., Morgan, S.M., Heine, L.G., Introduction to Environmental Engineering, Cengage Learning, 2010.
2. Peavy, H.S., Rowe, D.E., Tchbanoglous, G. Environmental Engineering. MC.Graw HilI: Singapore, 1986.
Other References
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