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MIM 351E - Architectural Design V

Course Objectives

1. Ability to approach a design problem in a multidimensional manner, developing skills to personalize a design problem 2. Discussing the integration between the systems (social, cultural, structural etc.) in a design process 3. Doing research on the development of design decisions in relation with context, program, spatial-formal-tectonic constructs 4. Emphasizing the studio culture as an experimenting-doing-learning environment and stimulating students to enter contemporary architectural debates with critical, innovative and creative productions 5. Cultivating the use of peculiar representation tools in the production, development and sharing of architectural thoughts.

Course Description

Development of critical, experimental, sustainable design thinking; approaching contemporary architectural and urban design problems regarding the issues of accessibility and sustainability; development and interpretation of program for non-complex buildings or building groups; enriching architectural thinking by integrating programmatic, contextual, formal and tectonic qualities; addressing structural, material and technological issues within the design process; investigation on the representation tools peculiar to a project.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Tüzün Şengün
Course Language
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