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ICM 333E - Design Culture

Course Objectives

1. Explaining the design problems through interdisciplinary flow of information,
2. Developing intellectual approach and critical perspective through interacting with material culture and
its reflection on interior space design.
3. Examining the translational capacities as well continuities and dis-continuities of artifact and spaces in
different cultures and milieus, through simultaneous and sequential perspectives.
4. Developing a general knowledge and intellectual capacity on thinking about design culture

Course Description

Changing cultural values and social structures that define new life-styles influence on both design process and design product; design culture that reflects the spirit of various eras, influences the formation and the development of the design culture; dismantling the continuities and discontinuities in design knowledge and design outputs that are emerging either in similar or consequent socio-political eras; translation capacities of design artifacts (objects and spaces) in various cultural and geographical milieus; the notion of representation and its socio-cultural impacts; revealing designer, arts, art schools, exhibitions as the critical points of breaks; reflections of contemporary paradigms in design culture

Course Coordinator
Emine Görgül
Course Language
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