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PEM 411E - Landscape Design IV

Course Objectives

1. To comprehend the basic information about the improvement of character degraded, problematic urban areas or natural areas.
2. Introducing and researching new techniques and technologies and ecosystem models used in the restoration of degraded areas.
3. To gain the ability to develop projects within the framework of planning decisions for the improvement of problematic urban or natural areas.

Course Description

Developing landscape-urban design projects within the framework of new planning decisions for the improvement of particularly problematic urban or natural areas with deteriorated character. To use new techniques and technologies to solve these problems, to develop eco-system protection models. Degraded forest areas, abandoned mines, coastal filling areas, design of open areas connected to transportation systems, re-evaluation of existing urban texture, landscape design in historical texture.

Course Coordinator
Hayriye Eşbah Tunçay
Course Language
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