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MIM 484 - Construction Project

Course Objectives

A building design that is compatible with the demands / needs of the users and the artificial environment, compatible with nature and generating its own energy is expected. The aim is the relations between land-building-environment-user; form - space organization - building / construction system - carrier system - material relations; understanding the building subsystems (mechanical, electrical, etc.) and the relationships between them, making a constructible design within the framework of the regulations and standards in force and drawing in accordance with the "Architectural Project Regulation Principles".

Course Description

Material selection and desicion making on; building construction type and environmental control systems, structural system arrangement in comprehensive building design. Preparation of projects for all design stages (preliminary, developed, construction) according to building regulations (i.e. earthquake directive, thermal insulation directive, noise control directive, fire protection directive). Integration and coordination of building sub-systems (building elements, structural, service) with other building components. Preparing documents for each design stage according to the relevant national and/or international legislations and drawing principles.

Course Coordinator
Gülfer Oraz
Course Language
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