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SBP 423 - Regional Science and Planning

Course Objectives

1.to explain historical development and theoretical approaches of regional science
2.to explain basic analysis relared to regional analysis
3.to teach globalization and regional policy of European Union
4. to evaluate regional scale planning approaches in Turkey

Course Description

Regional Science and Evolution of Regional Planning
Regional Growth and Development
Endogenous Growth and Local Development
Location of Industry, Central Place Theory, Regional Growth Theory
Intra regional Analysis; Economic Base Theory Intra regional Multiplier Analysis
Inter regional Analysis
Inter regional Analysis, Midterm Exam
Globalization Technological Development
European Regional Policy and Spatial Organization
Regional Scale Planning Approaches in Turkey 5 Year Development Plans
Regional Scale Projects in Turkey Urban Development and Strategical Plans
Assesment of case studies in Turkey
Assesment of case studies in European countries
Assesment of case studies in North American countries

Course Coordinator
Gülden Erkut
Course Language
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