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SBP 223E - Land Use Planning

Course Objectives

Purpose of the course is to enlighten the visions of students on the basic principles and aproaches to urban and regional planning issues in accordance with impacts of land uses.

Course Description

Definitions of urban, Rural Settlements, Urbanization and approaches to the land use planning procedures, Development of modern urban planning, Industrialization and impacts on urbanization, Urbanization in the post-rural era, Nature and settlement interactions, Nature and urban-rural settlements, Settlements and sustainability, Introduction to urban land use planning procedure, Regional surveys, Regional land use planning, Metropolitan and urban land use planning, Modern urban places, Surveys and analysis of urban planning, Characteristics of land uses in urban centers, Residental land use and planning approaches, Recreational land use and planning approaches, Planning principles of work places and transportation hierarchy in urban areas, Zoning and land use control measures.

Course Coordinator
Azime Tezer
Course Language
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