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MIM 439 - Computer Applications in Architecture

Course Objectives

1.To investigate computer aided architectural design paradigms, approaches, methods and models,
2.To gain knowledge about the representation techniques of architectural design products design processes, design media and design tools,
3. To investigate the conceptual and geometrical modeling approaches using digital design media,
4. To gain knowledge about generative and evolutionary approaches,
5. To discuss the role of digital tools and media in the creative design process.

Course Description

Computer applications in architecture. New posibilities of information and communication technologies in architectural education and architectural design process. Theoretical fundamentals of computer-aided architectural design. Process of computer-aided architectural design and design approaches. Models in computer-aided architectural design, description techniques in conceptual and formal models. Analytical and simulation models aimed with evaluation in computer-aided architectural design. Artificial intelligence, expert systems and their applications. Contemporary approaches in computer-aided architectural design and reflections on architecture. Generative and evolutionary approaches and strategies aimed with creative design, design methodologies, form generation and shape studies. Architectural modelling approaches by using digital design tools.

Course Coordinator
Gülen Çağdaş
Course Language
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