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EUT 220E - Industrial Design Studio I

Course Objectives

1. To gain the ability to interpret design problems.
2. To provide information about the basic principles of product interface designs.
3. To introduce the concepts of product semantics and product language and to ensure their use.
4. To ensure that "human factors" are taken into account in design solutions.
5. To gain the ability to design products in which different materials are used together.

Course Description

Interpreting Design Problems, Simple Product Interface Studies, Form Creation-Production Method Relationship, Product Semantics and Product Language Concepts, Research in the Design Process and Transferring it to the Product, Human Factors in Product Design, Project Development with Three Dimensional Model Making, Product Concept Development and Advancing Presentation Techniques, Working Mechanism Models, Computer Drawings, Using Different Materials Together.

Course Coordinator
Gülname Turan
Course Language
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