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EUT 419E - Industrial Design Studio IV

Course Objectives

1. In the last project before the graduation study, it is aimed that the students show a high level of performance related to their design skills and reach the finished product suggestions throughout the design process.
2. It is aimed to carry out research studies involving firm, management, marketing and production issues at an advanced level,
3.It is aimed to carry out design studies that respond to the differing needs of users with advanced precision,
4. It is aimed to make informative design studies on professional professional practice.

Course Description

Creating innovative and applicable concepts, Improving verbal and visual professional level presentation skills (Model / prototype, drawing, using multimedia facilities), Feasibility of innovation in terms of marketing and manufacturing, Sector, company and product competitor analysis, Developing a marketing scenario within the business plan , Design for special user segments, Developing proposals for new materials, technologies and uses for the future, Design of product-service systems.

Course Coordinator
Çiğdem Kaya
Course Language
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