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EUT 240E - Model Making II

Course Objectives

1. Sketch modeling as a designing tool.
2. Developing structure building; to learn to establish the link between 2-D and 3- D to be able to transfer a complex form from 3-D to 2-D and vice versa.
3. To use various model making materials together successfully.
4. Creating realistic looking shapes and textures.

Course Description

Shaping of styropor and polyurethane. Shaping of a non-geometrical form. Sectioning from the plan, grid shaping with cardboard. Kinds of paints and painting techniques. Brush painting. masking techniques. Moulding techniques: Vacuum forming, plaster moulding.
The processing of model materials like wood, metal, plastic; cutting, folding, sanding, filing, generally fine shaping methods. The reconstruction of an organic shape in a desired scale as a grid structure. The use of various bonds like glues, screws, soldering etc.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Erkök
Course Language
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