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MIM 364E - Design with Natural Aspects

Course Objectives

The aim of the course is to examine, in terms of philosophy, theory, technology and ecology, the relationships between nature and architecture, which is one of the richest, most diverse and oldest themes within architectural theory, culture and practices. Besides an overall awareness, the students will acquire knowledge and skills about the above-mentioned cultural fields and design practices.

Course Description

Nature has shaped the understandings on architecture as a theoretical ground, a discursive foundation, a rich source of raw materials and information, a fragile shelter, as well as a continuous threat. Views on nature are both diverse and subject to transformations in time. This course examines the varying roles that nature assumes in the understanding and conducting of architecture, in terms of both historical and practical aspects. Participants explore various interactions between nature and architectural understandings and practices through both theoretical studies and design applications.

Course Coordinator
Burçin Güngen
Course Language
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