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MIM 486E - Stru.Sys.Pro.of Mon.&Hist.Cons

Course Objectives

1- To introduce material and structural system properties of historical structures.
2- To provide comprehensive knowledge for structural system elements of historical structures.
3- To introduce damage mechanisms observed on historical structures and monitoring methods.
4- To give information about repair and strengthening principles for historical structures.
5- To introduce shore up intervention techniques afterwards an earthquake.

Course Description

Structural engineering concepts on preserving monuments and historical construction, introducing load-bearing systems, structural analysis, seismic behavior, etc. along with more general philosophical concepts (history of construction and restoration, principles and methodology of conservation, building rehabilitation, etc.), introduce the very recent advances in research and development on repair and strengthening of historical constructions with various real-life examples.

Course Coordinator
Gülseren Erol Soyöz
Course Language
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