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EUT 246E - History of Design I

Course Objectives

1. To develop an overall perspective on concepts and prominent issues related to design and industrial design.
2. To introduce; history of design is not ultimately about objects but about ideas and thoughts.
3. To introduce the vocabulary inherited from the past as the challenges faced by design professionals today are rarely without precedent.
4. Gain insights from the manner in which questions of design have been posed throughout the industrial era.
5. To survey developments which led to the emergence of industrial design as a separate profession.

Course Description

Relations of Production and Consumption Before Industrial Revolution; The Renaissance: Distinction Between Art and Craft; Design Before Industrial Revolution; Industrial Progress at 19th Century , World Fairs; Design Reforms: Shakers, Aesthetic Movement, Arts & Crafts; Design Reforms: Art Nouveau and Reflections, Scandinavia and Vernacular Design; Reflections of WWI and the Impact of War Industry on Design; Design and Modernism: Proto-modernism, Deutscher Werkbund, Wiener Werkstatte, De Stijl; Design and Modernism: Bauhaus, International Style, UAM, Machine Aesthetic; Design and Modernism: Scandinavian Modernism, England and Eastern Europe; Consumption as Lifestyle: Birth of Industrial Design Profession; Design in the Periphery.

Course Coordinator
Layıka Ney Ece Arıburun Kırca
Course Language
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