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PEM 256E - Planting Design Studio

Course Objectives

Main objective of this course is to give descriptive information about the usage of plant materials in landscape design. The aesthetic and functional character of plants, their two dimensional and three dimensional impressions will be studied. Features of the plant materials will be analyzed according to their attractive, focal or symbolic characteristics as well. The techniques of plant material usage in design and its relation with surrounding environment will be thought by analyzing different compositions of landscape materials.

Course Description

The use of plants as a design element in a vegetative design project, the visual, two-dimensional and three-dimensional element potential of the plants from their architectural and aesthetic potential, their complementary, harmonizing, emphasizing, distracting, symbolizing, demonstrative and changing potentials, techniques for the use of plants in space design, plant composition and plant-space relationship.

Course Coordinator
Hayriye Eşbah Tunçay
Course Language
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