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SBP 4027E - Large Scale Urban Projects

Course Objectives

1. Evaluate big plans within various planning norms,
2. Be able to compare various organizational structures and cultural values that affect ‘top down’ and ‘ground up’ planning and implementation,
3. Be aware of new technologies that big plans invent and test,
4. Look into alternative approaches to the conceptualization and realization of urban and rural change,
5. Understand the communication, coordination and contention amongst various actors in the life cycle of big plans,
6. Identify success and failure mechanisms in the realization of big plans,

Course Description

1. Defining the economic, political and social factors in the formation and implementation of big and complex urban plans,
2. Examine the roles played by the main actors in formulating and carrying out the plan,
3. Identify what the knowledge base was in setting a course of action.

Course Coordinator
Başak Demireş Özkul
Course Language
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