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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Rölöve ve Restorasyon Stüdyosu
English Architectural Survey and Restoration Studio
Course Code
MIM 361 Credit Lecture
Semester 6
3 2 2 -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Ayşegül Özer
Course Objectives 1. To provide fundamental information on traditional and advanced survey techniques
2. To give basic information on architectural documentation and research principles and provide field practice in historic sites and buildings
3. To present the basic approaches and principles on historical building – new design
4. To develop basic technical skills for the preparation of conservation projects
5. To raise awareness about the role and responsibility of architect in an architectural conservation project.
Course Description This practice based course follows the methodology focused on architectural documentation and research used for conservation projects. It includes architectural documentation, material, damage and chronological analysis, restitution restoration and reuse stages of the project process. Besides the presentation of traditional and advanced survey techniques with site practices each student group work in a historical building in order to practice the stages stated above. Various sources such as, historical research, historical documents, maps, drawings, engravings, books, photographs contributes to understand the historical building and its context Detailed surveying and analyses help to understand the authentic material, construction techniques and actual problems of the building. Project preparation process includes various interventions of different scale and content as well as reuse proposals. The course with all these attributes forms a basic background for the student regarding his/her future professional experience in historical context.
Course Outcomes 1- To develop skills on research and field work
2- To develop team-work and leadership skills
3- To experience the evaluation of national and regional architectural heritage
4- To learn the preservation processes of cultural heritage
5- To develop critical thinking skills
6. To learn professional ethics and responsibilities
7. To raise awareness about interdisciplinary study skills
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