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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mimarlıkta Enfrm Teknolojileri
English Information Technologies in Architecture
Course Code
MIM 4021 Credit Lecture
Semester 3
2 3 1 2
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Hakan Tong
Course Objectives 1. To access various information sources related with architecture by using information technologies; to create new environments for communication and sharing information
2. To gain knowledge on collaborative design processes, design media and design tools
3. To investigate computer aided collaborative design approaches, models and paradigms
4. To work in collaboration in virtual design studio
5. To solve a design problem in collaboration with different teams in virtual environment.
Course Description Computer aided architectural design models and applications, generative systems and innovative design approaches and applications are explained. Performance based design practices are given. Information on collaboration, task sharing and communication in virtual design studio are explained and architectural Virtual Design Studio are experienced. Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality issues are explained, examples are presented and architectural design applications are made in this context. Different software on form creation in the process of design is explained. Students present their researches on informatics in architecture.
Course Outcomes 1. Presentation skills
2. Research skills
3. Design skills
4. Teamwork skills
5. Critical thinking skills
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