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MIM 411E - Architectural Design VII

Course Objectives

The studio investigates the concept of space, empty space, pop-ups/ parasol/ relationships of components and sensation through a series of design exercises within small tutorial groups during Monday and Thursday studio sessions. There will be several types of assessments based on the design of the building plus in-class exercises which might involve students in quick resolution and communication of a design solutionThe objective of the unit is to prepare a schematic and developed design for simple public building project with an emphasis on interrelationships of spaces and specialist functions, including, public interface, public assembly and functional performance.

Course Description

On completion of this studio students should be able to:
Justify a design with references to an urban site;
Develop strategies for the chosen program;
Identify functional needs and uses of the building;
Prepare design solutions to be suitable in an existing building fabric; and
Present designs and ideas graphically and verbally.

Course Coordinator
Cemile Tiftik
Course Language
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