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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish Mimari Proje 3
English Architectural Design III
Course Code
MIM 211E Credit Lecture
Semester 3
5 2 6 -
Course Language English
Course Coordinator Funda Uz
Course Objectives 1. Niteliksel, çevresel ve teknik verilerle beraber basit ve karmas¸ık tasarım problemleriyle bas¸ edebilme becerilerini gelis¸tirmek. 2. Ögˆrencilerin kavramsal ve eles¸tirel becerilerini gelis¸tirmek.?3. Tasarım problemine mantıksal ve sezgisel degˆerlendirme aracılıgˆıyla çözüm olus¸turma ve gelis¸tirme.
Course Description Development of solutions through a holistic approach to design problems; discussions regarding the role of natural, built and cultural environments within the design process; introduction to function, form, structure, and the principles of space organization; analysis of the theoretical basis of architecture through design work; introduction of fundamental concepts of architecture through seminars and research; critical evaluation of contemporary archtitectural Works, both buildings and ideas, from turkey and around the World; experiencing of modelling and animation techniques; experiencing of contemporary architectural discussions to promote mappings, analyzes and design with field trips to special areas of İstanbul or another city
Course Outcomes 1 - Design skills.?2 - Critical thinking skills.?3 - Research skills.?4 - Structural systems.?5 - Team-work skills.?6 - Graphical representation skills. 7 - Site/Place conditions.?8 - Form generating skills.?9 – Discussion and writing skills. 10 - Use of precedents.
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