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MIM 211E - Architectural Design III

Course Objectives

1. Enhancement of abilities to handle simple and complex design problems, accompanied by qualitative, environmental and technical data.
2. Development of the students’ conceptual and judgmental skills.
3. Solution generation and development through logical and intuitive assessment of the design problem.

Course Description

Developing a solution for a specific purpose by applying a comprehensive approach to a design problem, discussions regarding the role of natural, built and cultural environments within the design process; examining the theoretical aspect of architecture through design problems, introduction of fundamental concepts of architecture through seminars and research; critical evaluation of contemporary architectural works, both buildings and ideas, from Turkey and around the world; introduction to complicated modelling, computer modelling and animation techniques; organization of field trips to promote discussions concerning the contemporary architectural scene of Istanbul.

Course Coordinator
Pelin Dursun Çebi
Course Language
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