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PEM 209E - Landform & Built Envir.Studio

Course Objectives

1. To gain ability to perceive, investigate, interpret, analyze and evaluate and organize the components of built environment as design element by utilizing different methods and tools.
2. To gain insight to the concept of scale and multiple production methods in the landscape arcitecture by experiencing different production methods
3. To gain ability to organize landform and built environment relation via design.
4. To gain ability to develop conceptual approach and multifaceted and critical thinking to the design problems
5. To gain ability to understand and configure landform-function relation.

Course Description

Landform & Built Environment studio introduces students to the fundamental elements of landscape design. The studio especially aims to evaluate landform as a critical design component and a tool to solve design problems. With this regard, the studio investigates the potentials of landforms and its relation to buit-environment based on morphological, experiential and visual aspects, to develop spatial landscape setting with diverse programs and functions. The studio helps students to develop their skills on developing spatial literacy, form, landscape representation and critical design thinking.
The studio not only evaluate landform as a geomorphological element but a practice for reading the place which bears daily life over with its cultural and natural layers. In this context, the studio aims to decode multiple representation methods via reading, understanding, designing and producing different landforms from natural and cultural perspective.
The objective of this studio is to gain an understanding of the design process and hybrid solutions to common conceptual design problems. The 14-week studio program is accompanied by common workshops, seminars and juries that are organized within an interdisciplinary perspective by the active involvement of instructors and students from architecture, urban & regional planning, industrial design and interior architecture departments to create an interactive studio environment.

Course Coordinator
Meltem Erdem Kaya
Course Language
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