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PEM 4019E - Social Asspect of Landsc.Arch.

Course Objectives

1. To introduce a scientific approach of site survey and analysis upon which to develop the planning, design and management of open spaces;
2. Develop an understanding of who the users and potential users of a specific open space are
3. To introduce skills that required for accessing and analysing data about specific community living in study site;
4. To discuss some of the issues of planning, designing and managing open spaces for a specific social group people (children, disabled, elderly etc.);
5. To provide skills required to develop a design in the outdoor environment appropriate for the social group studied.

Course Description

Communities and landscape architecture, The importance, benefits and opportunities of open spaces, Understanding different social groups (children, elderly,disabled etc.), Socio-economic GIS implications: Remote sensing the community, Observations and GIS base community behaviour mapping, The differences between communities and environmental justice, Community base and participatory design, Exclusionary and inclusive planning and design approaches, Social analysis in landscape architecture: preparations and analysis before site surveys.

Course Coordinator
Melih Bozkurt
Course Language
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